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The following tools are organized to reflect the domains of the National Summer Learning Association’s quality standards, and are intended to support your efforts to build a high quality summer learning program.

Summer Learning Technical Assistance Manual

Quality Assessment

Quick CASP 
The Quick CASP is a quality self-assessment tool developed by the National Summer Learning Association in partnership with the Summer Matters Campaign to help summer learning programs continuously improve their program quality.

Quick CASP User’s Guide 
This is the companion to the Quick CASP that provides more in-depth instructions on how to use the Quick CASP.

Quick CASP Instructional Video: Features

Quick CASP Instructional Video: Planning & Management Assessment

Quick CASP Instructional Video:Observation Assessment

Quick CASP Instructional Video: Quality Improvement

CASP Bundle 
Links to the Quick CASP, User’s Guide, and 4 Instructional videos ready to go.

Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP) Quick Reference Guide 
Produced by the National Summer Learning Association, refer to these research-based quality program standards as you shape your planning, training, quality assessment and reflection process.

CA Trained CASP Assessors for Hire
A list of trained CASP Assessors who have offered to conduct an external CASP assessment of summer programs in their areas.

CASP Domains
Need a quick summary of the CASP Domains? This is a 1 page list of the CASP Domains and descriptions.


Measuring Youth Outcomes 
Determine how you will measure your program’s goals with this guide to a variety of assessment and evaluation tools – including recommendations from the National Summer Learning Association and Public Profit.

Creative Ways to Solicit Youth Input | Public Profit
Find creative strategies to gather input about your program and its impact directly from participants.

Quality Improvement Plan
Organize your program’s quality improvement strategies with this simple template.

Summer Outcomes Measures On-Line Toolbox | University of California, Irvine
The Outcome Measures Online Toolbox is designed to assess students’ reading efficacy, work habits and social competencies using scales that have well-established reliability and validity.


Collaboration Continuum
Use this chart to explore the roles of possible partners in achieving your program goals.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Modify this template defining the roles and terms of a formal partnership agreement as you develop partnerships.


Summer Learning Planning Timeline
Print this one-page document that outlines key steps to designing a high quality summer program. The timeline includes when you should begin planning steps such as setting goals, planning curriculum, and hiring staff. This summer planning calendar is aligned with the National Summer Learning Association’s quality standards for program management and operation.

Program Sustainability

Public Funding for Summer Webinar
This webinar provides an overview of the Partnership for Children & Youth’s guide on how summer learning supports the priorities of the Local Control Accountable Plans and toolkit for local advocacy. There are also introductions on how Title I, Title III, SNAP Education, and Migrant Education funding sources can be applied to summer learning programs.

Funding to Support Summer Programs
Identify potential sources of private and public funding to support summer programs for youth. This guide is based on the lessons learned by city, school district and community-based organizations that have secured funding to operate high quality summer learning programs. 

Assessment of Sustainability Planning
Complete this rubric to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your programs approach to sustainability.

Evaluating Potential Funding Sources | Finance Project
Fill out this Finance Project worksheet to evaluate potential funding sources and financing strategies.

Summer Matters- How Summer Learning Strengthens Students’ Success | Public Profit 
The Summer Matters campaign has released first-ever findings on the impact of summer learning programs on California students’ academic achievement.


Staff Skills Assessment
Not sure where to start with staff training? Start with them! Have your staff complete this assessment to determine which of the many professional development topics most directly addresses their needs.

Summer Staff Training Topics
Review this page to outline your staff training plan for the year to ensure you are covering everything your staff might need to deliver a high quality, effective, and fun program experience for your youth.

Teaching Strategies

Cooperative Learning | David. P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality
Create cooperative learning structures using this guide to implement a four strategy method that includes multiple group work opportunities, clear goals, collaboration, and reflection time.

Youth Voice | David. P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality
Read this guide to understand the delicately balanced strategies of providing the right opportunities and supports for meaningful youth input and decision-making.

Planning and Reflection | David. P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality
Explore this guide that defines critical practices in planning and reflection that help ensure that activities are intentionally designed to support youth learning.

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